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Coaching runners of all abilities and experience.
More than just running

Running is much more than exercise; It is a lifestyle and a community. It should improve life, build confidence, challenge, inspire, and bring joy. We are all unique, so each training plan should be as well. As a coach, my personalized training plans are guided by my three-part coaching philosophy.




"Don't let fear decide your future." 
-Shalane Flanagan

Jon Meikle

October 2020

"I would highly recommend Karie.  Before I started working with Karie I was 12 weeks from my 100 miler and hadn't been training very well. I felt pretty burned out.  If I wanted to do the race I needed to start training, and actually stick with it.  I contacted Karie and she agreed to coach me along the way.  With only 12 weeks to train we got after it quick.  Karie ramped up the mileage wisely by balancing it well with easy runs.  She prescribed various types of runs that I hadn't thought of doing before, which kept it interesting and challenging.  Through the training she had me doing some very challenging and adventurous runs, some pretty tough stuff!  She balanced it though with recovery runs so I wouldn't get burned out.


Once the race came around, I felt pretty confident.  I did the race and felt strong throughout and finished much faster than I thought I'd be able to!  The program that Karie set out for me was tough, it wasn't easy, it was just what I needed to prepare for the race though.  I didn't get injured nor burned out and had a great race.  It makes me excited to think what we can do with a longer training cycle."


Karina Voggel

Salt Lake City, UT

Getting coach Karie for my Marathon training was easily the best running related decision I ever made. 
I had trained for several marathons before and every training cycle I would do too much too soon too fast and end up injured. And on race day usually very far from my goal. When I realized that I actually had no clue what I was doing I hired Karie.

Karie as a coach is simply wonderful. She supported me whenever I needed it and was firm about telling me no when I was getting overexcited. Karie is extremely helpful and understanding when life gets in the way of the training plan and helps you to adapt it to your needs on the fly.
Her guidance has led me to PRs on all distances and make huge progress that I did not even think was possible. On the start line of my goal marathon for the first time ever, I felt confident instead of full of doubt, because I knew I had put in the work and that changed everything. This led me to finally PR by almost 30 minutes and get that sub 4h marathon on a hilly course.

In only 5 short months Karie has completely transformed my running. I am getting faster and run more than ever but in a sustainable way that did not let me burnt out or injured. I can highly recommend her as coach to anyone who wants to improve their running or just try something new.


Lauren Udwari racing

Lauren Udwari

Sarasota, FL

"Karie helped me navigate the unknown territory between what I think I'm capable of and what I'm actually capable of. She understands how to challenge her athletes without compromising our love of the sport. She coaches me with an understanding that I have a full life outside of running: I'm a mom, I have a busy job, I'm in school, etc. So, she helps me go after lofty goals (sub-20 5k and BQ marathon) while keeping an eye on the other things for me so I strike a balance between my running life and my non-running one."

Lawrence trail race

Lawrence Cannon

Holladay, UT

“Karie inspires me to work hard to become a better runner.  My love of running does not equate to speed and Karie has inspired me to work hard and become a faster runner without jeopardizing my love of running.   Her influence in the running community in Utah, especially in the greater Salt Lake City area, is broad and well respected.  Karie is extremely motivating, kind, and is a strong runner herself, she is knowledgeable and well-informed on current coaching techniques and is a great RRCA Certified Coach.”   

Cassidy's marathon finish

Cassidy Moore

Park City, UT

"From the first time I met Karie, she had me believing I could achieve goals I didn’t think were possible. I remember on our first run together, I told her I had just signed up for my first marathon. She thought then I was capable of qualifying for Boston. Being nervous about just being able to complete my first marathon, I wasn't ready to take that plunge yet.  After that race, I was motivated to take my training to the next level. I came to Karie who gave me full confidence that qualifying for Boston was possible, which would entail shaving 15 minutes off my first marathon time. She gave me a training plan that was personalized to my schedule, desired mileage, and any other races I had planned. With her coaching, I achieved a goal I didn’t know I had in me and left me hungry for more. When I’m ready to go for my next big PR, she’ll surely be my coach again."

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