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coaching philosophy

Part I: Master the Miles

“When aerobic running becomes a daily habit, strength and confidence follow.”-Lydiard

The foundation of all endurance running is your aerobic engine. Whether you are just getting started with running or a seasoned competitive runner, having a strong, healthy running base is the first step to durability, sustainability, and success in running. I will cater your training plan to your schedule, preferences, and specific needs, and guide you to forming good running habits. Drawing from my personal experience, current research, and the fundamentals of physiology, we will work together to find what works for you, utilize your strengths, improve your weaknesses, and find the right path to help you master your miles.  

Part II: Race with Confidence

“Practice does not make perfect,” but it does make you better. If you want to run long, you need to run long; if you want to run fast, you must run fast. I believe in quality over quantity when it comes to racing. You train to race—you don’t race to train. Adding specificity to your training is important to reaching your goals. Focused, challenging, trackable, and achievable workouts will give you the competitive edge of confidence on race day.

Part III: Run for Joy

Running should be fun! Staying healthy and injury free are more important than performance. I want all my athletes to be lifetime runners. I believe breaks from regimented training are important, as is room for play in a structured training plan.

Running for joy on Utah's mountain trails

about me

I started running in 2008 in search of better (and more cost-effective) health and fitness as a new single parent. It started during my daughter’s dance class, with the help and motivation of two other dance moms. It didn’t take long for me to be hooked. Once-a-week runs quickly turned into four, and by the end of the year I completed my first 10k, half marathon, and marathon.

Running provided all the physical benefits I was seeking, but it also opened my world to so much more. It gave me a renewed sense of wellbeing and accomplishment at a time in my life when I needed it most. It made me stronger physically and mentally, which gifted me with new confidence in facing life’s challenges.

After my first marathon, I wanted to get faster, so I looked for a supportive running community. I joined the Salt Lake City Track Club. It welcomed me with no judgement of how fast or slow I ran, and became my biggest source of encouragement and knowledge. It also provided me with a much-needed social network. My closest friends are the ones I have met through running. I paid back these priceless gifts by coaching the club’s Tuesday track workouts for several years. I have since passed that baton, but I am still fairly involved with the club. 

Fifteen years later, I have run several marathons, including Boston, NYC, and Chicago, a few ultras, 3 Half Ironmans, and countless other races of varying distances and terrain. I still love the challenge of a race, but find great joy casually running Utah’s amazing mountain and desert trails.

I completed the RRCA Level I coaching course in 2016, and started coaching and writing training plans for runners. In March 2020, I completed my RRCA Level II coaching certification. My goal is to help runners of all levels train for long-term success, build confidence, and find joy in running.

I live in Salt Lake City and work in computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) for an aerospace composites engineering company (think airplanes!). I don’t sing, but will scream for run-cations and outdoor adventures fueled with coffee and craft beer.


5K PR: 20:12 10K PR 42:02 15K PR 1:05

Half Marathon PR: 1:27 Marathon PR: 3:04

2017 Utah Valley Marathon 1st Place Masters 
2018 Salt Lake Track Club Winter Series 2nd Place Masters 

jumping for joy running in the Utah desert
About Me
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